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This is a bit of silliness that occured to me one night when the insomnia was worse than usual. I've watched so many shows where one of my favourite characters bites the dust that I decided a memorial was required. After all, often we never hear their name spoken in said show again. There are spoilers ahead so if you don't want to know who's dead, look away now.

This page is a place to mourn those that we have lost, whether we miss them or are glad that they're gone. Someone should remember them.

If your favourite character was cut off in their prime and you'd like them to be remembered here at the memorial, you can email me.

Pray silence for the dead.

Update: Following some requests, Jadzia Dax, James Brody, Marcus Cole and Wash have been added to the Shrine.

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Carson Beckett
19?? - 2007
(Paul McGillion)

Who? Doctor Carson Beckett was the Scottish, Head of Medicine in Stargate: Atantis.

How? In the third season episode "Sunday", Dr Beckett operates on one of the expedition scientists to remove an explosive tumour, but unfortunately the tumour explodes before he is able to clear the area. Yes, really.

Do we miss him?
Yes, quite a bit. Atlantis won't be the same without him.

Is he really dead? It is suggested in the closing scenes that in this universe anything can happen. He may be back, after all, in SG1 Daniel Jackson was killed at least twice, and returned from being an ascended being. Update: He came back as predicted, this time as a clone created by the Wraith scientist Michael, but unfortunately had to be put in stasis due to severe cell deterioration. Update Again: He's out of stasis and they've found a way to stop the cell deterioration, but they sent him back to Stargate Command. Then they cancelled Atlantis altogether.

Spare a thought for:
The bomb squad who were also probably killed in the explosion.




James Brody
1993 - 2032
(Edward Kerr)

Who? Lieutenant Brody was the Tactical Officer and sub-fighter pilot of the seaQuest DSV 4600-II.

How? In the third season episode "Spindrift" during a rescue mission to save Lieutenant Loni Henderson from a Macronesian death sentence, he was shot in the chest by a Macronesian soldier when he pushed Henderson out of harm's way.

Do we miss him? Well, some of us do, but season three wasn't the best of seaQuest.

Is he really dead? Yes, definitely.

Spare a thought for: His mother, who was cryogenically frozen after contracting a deadly virus. One day she's going to wake up and find her son is dead.


      Marcus Cole
(Jason Carter)

Who? Marcus Cole was a member of the Rangers, a joint Earth/Minbari military organisation, in Babylon 5.

How? In the penultimate episode of the fourth season, he gives his life to save Susan Ivanova. She had been fatally injured during the fight to re-take Earth at the end of the civil war. Marcus uses an alien execution device to transfer his life energy to her, killing himself in the process.

Do we miss him? Yes, he got some great lines and kicked ass.

Is he really dead? His corpse was preserved in cryogenic suspension at Ivanova's request in the hope that he could be revived in the future. In a short story written by J Michael Straczynski he was revived hundreds of years later, and promptly created a clone of Ivanova so that they could live happily ever after together.

Spare a thought for: Ivanova, who was so distraught at his sacrifice that she left Babylon 5 altogether.




Jadzia Dax
(Terry Farrell)

Who? Lieutenant Commander Dax was the Science Office on Deep Space Nine and USS Defiant in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

How? She was killed by Gul Dukat who had been possessed by a Pah-wraith intent on destroying the orb kept in the temple on Deep Space Nine. Despite Dr Bashir's best efforts, Jadzia did not survive.

Do we miss her? Her character blossomed as the series continued, and it would have been nice to see her stay until the end of the final season.

Is she really dead? Sort of. Her symbiont, Dax, lived on in Ezri Dax, and probably long after that as Trill symbionts are almost immortal.

Spare a thought for: Her Klingon husband, Worf, who worried that she would have trouble getting into Sto Vo kor (Klingon warrior heaven). In an alternate timeline they had children together who will now never exist.


      Allen Francis Doyle
1970 - 1999
(Glenn Quinn)

Who? Doyle was Angel's half-Demon, half-human side kick. He was endowed with the special power of having visions from The Powers That Be.

How? He sacrifices himself in a blaze of light, to prevent Angel doing it instead of him, in the episode "Hero". By doing so he saves another bunch of human/demon hybrids called the Listers.

Do we miss him? At first, but then we met Gunn and Wesley.

Is he really dead? Yes, he's toast.

Spare a thought for: Poor Cordelia Chase who ended up with his visions, which ultimately resulted in some nasty things happening to her.



Janet Fraiser
19?? - 2000
(Teryl Rothery)

Who? Doctor Fraiser was Chief Medical Officer at Cheyenne Mountain, home of Stargate: SG1.

How? She was called to an off planet emergency on P3X-666 where she was killed by a Jaffa staff weapon whilst tending to a wounded soldier.

Do we miss her?
A little. She was sort of part of the furniture.

Is she really dead? She reappears as a Fraiser from an alternate universe where apparently Daniel Jackson was able to pull her out of the way in time.

Spare a thought for: Her adopted daughter, Cassandra, who lost two mothers.


      Caitlin Todd
19?? - 2004
(Sasha Alexander)

Who? Special Agent Caitlin Todd was a field agent in NCIS, part of Special Agent Gibbs' team. She was previously a Secret Service agent, in charge of guarding the President of the United States.

How? She was killed by Ari Haswari in the season 2 finale. Ari shot her in the head with a sniper rifle after the team foiled a terrorist plot which he was involved with.

Do we miss her?
Yes, but we like Ziva too.

Is she really dead? She does come back as a ghost for a single episode, but other than that, don't expect to see her again. In a later episode, Agent DiNozzo uses her name as a code to let Gibbs know that someone is dead.

Spare a thought for: Her three brothers. Although she described them as practically insane, I bet they miss her.


      Charles Tucker III
2121 - 2161
(Connor Trinneer)

Who? Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III was the southern Chief Engineer of UES Enterprise, NX-01 in Star Trek: Enterprise.

How? After Enterprise was boarded by hostile aliens, he gave his life to protect his Captain, by blowing up the aliens and himself. This was the season and series finale for Enterprise. Not really what the fans were hoping for in the last episode ever of this show.

Do we miss him?
Hell, yes.

Is he really dead? A novel was recently published that suggests he did not in fact die but was sent on a secrect mission to Romulus. Other than that, the episode was seen through the eyes of Commander Riker's holodeck program, so perhaps it was actually a holo-novel rather than history. And if you want to read my thoughts on what might have happened then look at my fan fic Desert Rose.

Spare a thought for: His parents who lost not one, but two children during the series.



Hoban "Wash" Washburn
(Alan Tudyk)

Who? Wash was the pilot of Serenity the Firefly Class cargo ship from Joss Whedon's Firefly.

How? In the film, Serenity, having managed to pilot Serenity through an almost impossible descent to a landing, he is impaled by a Reaver harpoon that rams through the front of the ship.

Do we miss him?
We would have, if there had been any more Firefly.

Is he really dead? Yes, no more Wash, no more Firefly, and apparently no more movies either.

Spare a thought for: His wife, Zoe. She really loved him, and I bet the singles scene in space is bit sparse.



Tasha Yar
2337 - 2364
(Denise Crosby)

Who? Lieutenant Natasha "Tasha" Yar was Chief of Security aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

How? She was killed by a black ooze creature called Armus on the planet Vagra II in the episode "Skin of Evil".

Do we miss her?
Not really. Her character was never really given the development that it deserved.

Is she really dead? Not even a little bit. She returned in a later alternate universe episode where she ends up going back in time, living on and having a daughter, Sela, who is half Romulan. Sela appears in another two episodes.

Spare a thought for: Lt Commander Data, who lost his first love.


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