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Airwolf has always been one of my favourite TV shows. So far I have written three stories in this particular fandom and I'm working on a crossover with Knight Rider. Appropriate warnings and ratings are posted at the beginning of each story.

New! I have just started a mailing list for anyone who would like to be updated when I post new chapters. Email me if you would like to be added (feel free to specify fandom if you're only interested in one).

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Wolf's Bane
- Part 1


Hawke is given a lead on the whereabouts of his brother by Archangel, but will it cost Hawke his life?


Dragon's Blood
- Part 2


Hawke gets out of hospital to discover that the Firm computers have been hacked for information about Airwolf.



Devil's Claw
- Part 3


A bomb at the Firm is just the start of trouble for Archangel and Airwolf.

      Knightrider/Airwolf Crossover  

In Progress


KITT and Michael are given a new mission that concerns a stolen helicopter.

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