The space age, well it began during the 20th century and it never lived up to its expectations. What can I say, the space age has always been a stop-start thing. So, several centuries later, Earth was overcrowded and festering. After the space programme budget cuts had become unbearable, one millionaire business man took matters into his own hands. He launched the first generation ships into the void.

They were big ships, so vast that they could hold a complete population of humans and all they might need to survive on any alien planet they encountered. How could they know that within ten years the jump gates would be found and the generation ship would never be needed again?

The generation ships did instigate a new interest in space, an exploration programme was begun and behind Neptune, well, there was sitting the first jump gate, and the rest, as they say in only the most cliched circles, is history.

Actually, there's quite a lot more to relate, but most of it came about because of that jump gate.

To find out more about the Mote universe there is a Guide to the Mote Universe. There are also four stories which cover various areas of it's life:

  1. Living on the Edge
  2. The Second Best Assassin
  3. Expiry Date
  4. Delirium
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