1000 Blank White Cards

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1000 Blank White Cards

Tristan's Cards



1337 5P34K

Blank Card
  Ultra coolness earns you 800 points   Play now proceeds anti-clockwise. In future all points earned are divided by -1 (just your points)  
+1000 points for being creative


David Beckham


Gender Swap
  Fail to realise fame doesn't make you intelligent. Lose 300 points and miss your turn.

  But at least George W. Bush is killed too! Gain 1000 points

  Lose 201 points in the confusion


George 'W' Bush

Greek Alphabet

Green Fuel
  Forget how many states there are. Gain 200 from amused Europeans.

  Forget the meaning of Pi. Recite 20 greek letters to avoid losing 500 points.

  Somehow your fuel goes mouldy but can be sold as drugs to students - gain 500

Handbags at 10 Paces

High Voltage

  Swap points with the player to your left.
  Lose 500 points

Incessant bell ringing makes you hungry. Eat Pavlov's dog.


Hydrogen Bomb

  Jelly Baby   McDonalds
  Wipes out alien attack fleet - become president for 50 points.
  All players Eat a jelly baby - +100 points if pink, red or black, +200 points if orange or yellow, +500 points if green.  

Lose 800 for fly through restaurant idea.


Nice Guys Come Last

  Nuclear Holocaust   Pacman

If you've watched a film with Hugh Grant in the last year get -300 points.

  Everyone has all their scores set to zero.  

+ 400 points (-800 if you are a ghost)


Pandora's Box

  Pessimist   Pokemon
  Pick a number between one and ten. If it matches what the player opposite thinks gain +200 otherwise lose 500 points.   Glass is half empty take another drink  

Pikachu will get you. Lose 900 points



  What's the Point   Whose Round?
  Spend ages untangling spring. Miss your next turn.   Gain one point  

Going clockwise, everybody keep naming a drink/cocktail. First person to fail gets - 100 points.


Worm Hole

  X Factor   X-Ray Specs
  Try to shortcut to win the game but end up being crushed to death - 1000 points.   Demonstrate your singing prowess to gain 200 points  

Take a card off a player of your choice.