1000 Blank White Cards

Drogna Tech


1000 Blank White Cards

Thalia's Cards



All Your Cards Are Belong to Us

Beware the hand snake
Chinese Dragon
  Swap hands with another player   Minus 500 points  
Brings goodluck to all, swap points with the highest player


Cylons Attack

I'm Spartacus

Incomprehensible Japanese Film
  Minus 1000 points

  Each Player Gets 100 points

  Minus 400 Points


Lee-loo Dallas Multi pass

Me fifth Element Me Protect You

Monkey Magic
  All cards are worth +50 to their face value

  Everyone Gives 100 Points to the person playing this card

  400 points

Mornington Crescent

Omega Man

  Pavlov's Dog
  +500 Points
  You're the last man on earth, everyone gives you their points (because they're dead)


Chases Schroedinger's Cat
Swap two cards with each player each turn



  Robots in Disguise   Schroedinger's Cat
  Play goes back the other way
  200 points  

Swap one card with each player every turn at the end of the round *

*Unless Pavlov's Dog is in play


Thalia is Always Right

  That's no Moon   The Gods Smile upon you

All women get 1000 points

  - 500 points  

+ 500 points


There is no Sanctuary

  - 200 Points