1000 Blank White Cards

Drogna Tech


1000 Blank White Cards

Stuart's Cards



Alien Attack Fleet

At the Wrong Speed
Beardy Cheese
  Everyone loses a 100 points unless they're an alien   Halve the number of points on your highest card.  
+ 1000 points


Break Treaty

Cash Back Credit Card

  Cat Confuser
  Any one may play any negative card on you now

  Take 1% of the points any other players gain this round

  All cards featuring cats are cancelled. Miss a turn while bandaging arm.


Chocalate Moose

Critical Mass

  +100 points

  Discard a positive scoring card or your hand.

  + 500 points

Gingerbread Man

It's Not Fair
Mandel Blaster
  Everyone gets 2 points and a gingerbread man
  Re deal all played cards randomly - re calc scores


Discard one played card and ignore any effect or score it gave you


Open Sauce

  Pretty Flowers   Right turn Clyde
  Get +50 points from every player but give 100 to the person with the lowest score

  + 50 points  

Take any card from the player to your right


Salt water

  This Card Sucks   When hamsters attack

Metal characters are broken, remove negatives

  Steal 100 points from any player  

+ 500 points