1000 Blank White Cards

Drogna Tech


1000 Blank White Cards

Andy's Cards



A Haaa...andbag?

Alien Contagion
Bad Karma
  Take one in-play card and add it to your hand   Contagion + you are now an alien.  
- 50 Points



Deflect Attack

Fishy Fish

Player this card is played on must copy* this card and add it to his/her own hand (-100 points)

*Mutations permitted

  Pass negative effects of cards played on you to the player to the right

  - 150 points if eaten


Funhouse Mirror

Glowing Health

Great Big Red Fire Engine
  Multiply point effect of another played card by minus one

  +50 points to any points gained/lost

  Lose your no-claims bonus

Hairball Attack

Infinite Recurse

  Insurance Policy
  (- 20 points) Effect of any card with a cat are negated

  No effect, but miss next turn


Pay up 50 points to whoever played this on you each turn


Raging Hunger

  Really Good Cheese   Scores of Milling Clueless Pedestrians
  You eat all face-up food
  + 50 points, - 20 points from players to either side

Each player gives one card to his/her neighbour to the left


Take Another Drink!

  The Turtle Moves   Voting Machine

(Take another drink) + 10 points

  + 50 points  

+ 100 points if president


You Found it in the Back of a Drawer but you Don't Know What it Does!

  You Have Just Been Poisoned    
  - 100 Points   - 600 points if drinking